Bravoo x Napa

Bravoo x Napa brand is all about creating new, with passion. Brand combines innovative design with fresh and unique patterns. Bravoo x Napa is a collaboration between two experienced, yet open-minded Finnish design companies. Together they create beautiful wooden items which are all designed & produced in Helsinki, Finland – within just 20 km! The current collection includes three quality wooden products which stand out with their clever design and beautiful illustartions & patterns.

The items are: SUKU the hanger set, MONI the multifunctional trivet and LEVY the cutting board. Every product comes in various fresh patterns and pleases even the more demanding eye. Smartly shaped items are designed by Bravoo and the illustrations come from Napa’s genious artist brands Jenna Kunnas, Riku Ounaslehto, Kinkmoles and Hand in the Kitchen.

This brand is targeted to the consumer market and people are simply loving these clever ideas and designs! All products are made out of 100 % FSC certified Finnish plywood, producing minimal amount of waste.

Bravoo x Napa proves that Nordic design is – yes – stylish & minimal… but also rich & playful!

We’re looking for partners who share are values in sustainability, quality and responsibility. Interested working with us and want to hear more about this brand? Please contact Agent Marjo Oliva:

Instagram: @bravooxnapa
Flickr: Bravoo x Napa
In Media: Design Year 2018, Suuri Käsityö 1/2018, Kamppi-Eira  2018
Retailers in Finland: Formverk, Design Museum, World of TRE

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