Mika Lietzén

Mika Lietzén (b. 1974) is a Turku-based illustrator and a comic book artist. Prior to becoming a full-time artist, he worked for Nokia’s network unit and as a concept designer for b-to-b advertising agencies. As a draftsman, the clear lined Lietzén has focused especially on the content. As his favorite subjects he mentions people, everyday life, reality and realism. Mika is one of Finland’s most skillful ligne claire illustrators. He has received the main prize at the Nordic Cartoon Contest in Kemi in 2000, as well as in the Egmont Publishing comic book ompetition in 2004. Since 2000, Lietzén has been running Asema – comic book publishing house and has been responsible for the appearance of all the publications.
Specialty: editorial illustration, comics, line drawing, the narrative

Path of the craft: From sketch to illustration process by Mika Lietzén (pdf)
Instagram: @mikalietzen.illustrations

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