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Here’s how you can order an illustration:

1. Orders can be made by contacting info(at)napa-agency.fi, +358 40701 4093, or to your own contact person. You can also call or use a pre-contact form on the left-hand side of this page. We are also happy to receive feedback / And remember that we also love feedback!

2. Prepare to answer the following questions as precisely as possible: How many images are needed and when is the deadline? In what publications is the illustration going to be released? Is the desired style or even the illustrator decided already? Are there any special requirements such as: images should be vectorized / images must be delivered in separate layers / images need to be able to be used in big sizes? Naturally, we will help in all phases including illustrator choices, but it’s good to think about these things in advance if possible.

3. Does the commission include more than just an illustration? For example graphic design, animation or cartoon making? Feel free to ask for more! From our professional gang you can find many kinds of expertise. We are also happy to hear a more detailed on-site briefing, if necessary.

4. We’ll negotiate the schedule and the price with the illustrator on your behalf. The price depends on the workload as well as e.g. the urgency of the commission, specific requirements and the scope of the publishing rights. When the price negotiations have been settled we’ll send you an order confirmation or the commission contract, depending on the extent of the work. You can always count on us to handle contract negotiations professionally.

5. Alrighty mate! From now on, your cooperation with the illustrator can begin! The price of the illustration always includes at least one draft round to ensure that the result is exactly what you ordered. Please keep in mind that if the artwork is being commented by a wider group of people, we expect that your contact person compiles all the comments and provides them to our illustrator. This will prevent unnecessary work and possible additional costs.

6. Problems / questions along the way? Contact us immediately! We are more than happy to help. When the commission is finished we will send the invoice, so please advise your billing information to your contact. And hey, remember that we love feedback!