Emmi-Riikka Vartiainen

Emmi-Riikka Vartiainen (b. 1990) is an illustrator and graphic designer hailing from the small town of Juankoski. Emmi-Riikka graduated from Lahti Institute of Design in 2013. She has worked as a magazine layout designer, graphic designer for an ad agency and as a creative director, while doing versatile illustration work on the side. After joining Napa Agency she now focuses on illustration full-time. For illustrating Emmi-Riikka mainly uses markers, gouache and computer. Typical for her style are intense, happy colours and bold, clear shapes. Her subjects are often cute things, pop culture, fashion, animals, plants and nature. Emmi-Riikka is an efficient and passionate illustrator who deepens her abilities at an ever-growing pace. Emmi-Riikka has done editorial illustrations for magazines (Ylioppilaslehti, Me Naiset), product and fashion illustration, infographics and campaign illustration (Pink Ribbon).

Specialty: Editorial illustration, character illustration, motion illustration, infographic, graphic design, visual identities, nature, fashion & pop culture themes

Path of the Craft: Emmi-Riikka’s process from sketch to final illustration

Instagram: @emmiriikkaa

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