Napa Agency

We are a creative agency and a branding & licensing expert, whose activity is centered around illustration. Our passion lies in crafting processes that empower both clients commissioning creative work and the creative minds executing it, ensuring mutual success. We lead the way as trailblazers and trendsetters in the intermediate field of the creative industry, as well as the industry shakers of the Finnish agents’ and managers field – for more than 15 years already! In 2022, we received the Agent of the Year Award, in the second year the award was given.

As agents, we act as a bridge and a helping hand between those who commission creative work and those who create it. We help by advising in different situations and by keeping contracts fair for all parties. As an important part of our work, we offer project management and consulting, and we take pleasure in facilitating the best pairing of the right experts & talents with the specific creative project at hand.

Our services for clients commissioning creative work:

  • Professional creators for projects requiring visualization. We provide, among other things: animations, strategic illustrations, pattern design, data visualizations (infographics), communication illustrations for organizations, visual identities for brands and events, advertising campaigns, editorial illustrations, packaging illustrations, and public art.
  • Consultation at various stages of creative commissions; we guide, for example, in finding the right talent for the project
  • Project management for creative assignments
  • Guidance on copyright issues and purchasing publishing rights
  • Workshops for kick-offs or team retreats

Our services for creative professionals:

  • Assistance in brand building, marketing and sales
  • Coaching and mentoring (also for illustrators outside the agency)
  • Guidance and support with price negotiations and contracts
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Support in challenging situations
  • Napa’s well-known brand and good community

Napa Agency is also:

Napa School

Napa School provides programmes for companies and communities in need of the creative contribution of artists. We have been spreading the message of art and hands-on craftsmanship since 2017. Napa School offers workshops, as well as consulting and mentoring. The goal of Napa School is to also be a social actor – the main project for 2024 is to initiate collaboration with the African-rooted organization YEPP. Through this collaboration, we assist immigrant children and youth in adapting to Finnish society.

Napa Licensing

Napa Licensing focuses on ar  licensing, offering Finland’s best and most interesting pattern designers & illustrators to licensors both domestically and internationally. We have successfully collaborated with companies such as Japan’s LOTTE and Marushin, as well as Finlayson. Napa Nordics is the agency’s own brand through which we showcase Nordic expertise on the international licensing market, not forgetting the values of sustainable development.

Napa & Friends

  • Napa Books, the original Napa!
  • AGMA, we are on the board since 4ever! Marjo Oliva was one of the founding members and chairperson 2014-2017.
  • B-galleria & Suunnitelma B, galleries one of whose founders is Marjo Oliva.
  • Units HUB & Aalto, universities where we are involved in training & mentoring.
  • KutiKuti, a comic publication which we sponsor and supporter!
  • Kuvittajat, illustrators’ association which we strongly recommend and are a supporting member.
  • Grafia, we strongly recommend it as well!
  • YEPP, our partner involved in Napa School’s societal project to promote the well-being of immigrant children and youth.

Napa sponsoring

  • Napa Agency has been a partner of the Nose Day Finland, the Nenäpäivä campaign since 2017, when Kati Närhi created the Nose character. In 2023, the collaboration between Napa and the Nenäpäivä Foundation continued, and Ville Salonen became the creator of the new Nose character. You can read more about the new Nose here!
  • *What about adding your name here?* We are open to sponsorship opportunities that are aligned with our values. Let’s discuss! Please contact us at info(at)

Our clients

Fazer, Lumene, Stockmann, Posti, Konecranes Finland, Lotte Japan, Marushin, Samuji, Sidoste, Carsin Wines, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Finlayson, Sinebrychoff, Finnish Design Shop, City of Helsinki, the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Finnish Red Cross, Arts Promotion Centre Finland