Eveliina Netti (New)

Eveliina Netti is a Helsinki-based designer specialized in patterns and illustration. She graduated from Aalto University in 2019 with a Master of Arts degree. Her playful and colourful style combines fairytale, humour and graphic aesthetics, drawing inspiration from everyday life occurrences and nature. Eveliina is particularly fascinated by stories and fairy tales, jazz music, the peculiar world of children, as well as florals and animals that often find their way into her illustrations. She likes to create an ambiance in her work by combining hand-painted surfaces, bold shapes, and bright colours. Eveliina works with a variety of techniques, both freehand and digitally drawing and painting. Her cheerful and easy-going attitude towards life is reflected in her working methods, making collaboration comfortable, straightforward and relaxed. She makes sure that projects are completed within the agreed timeframe, listening to the client’s wishes.

Specialty: Pattern design, nature and animals, children’s book illustration, storytelling, illustrations for children, product illustrations, book illustrations, mural painting

Instagram: @eveliinanetti

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