Hand in the Kitchen

Hand in the Kitchen brand was born, when artist Kati Rapia decided to travel to Italy to learn her godmother Eva’s best recipes. Back in Finland Kati had an idea: what if I asked some of my best friends to teach me their favorite recipes too? As an artist, Kati felt natural to draw the recipes in comic format. In no time at all, she had a bunch of drawn recipes in her hand. What a great start for a cookbook, she thought!

After the first edition of the book a lot has happened. Second edition was soon needed, and the story of the book started to live it’s own life. Hand in the Kitchen cookbook has been for sale in book stores, web shops and design shops in Finland. Nowadays you can find the Hand in many products, from kitchen towels and posters to cutting boards. Kati has kept workshops, performing as the Hand, and ceramic figures give a new life to this playful character.

Join the successful journey of the Hand – and help it to develop and become even a bigger success! Napa Agency is looking for manufacturers, retailers, publishers and other possible partners.

Instagram: @handinthekitchen
Flickr: Hand in The Kitchen workshops

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