Jussi Kaakinen

Jussi Kaakinen (b. 1978) is a Helsinki-based illustrator and a graphic designer. He graduated from the
School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Aalto University) in 2006. Jussi is a very insightful and a skilled illustrator with whom it’s more than easy to work with. He is one of the agency’s most trusted illustrators among the clients. Jussi’s style repertoire extends from the traditional ink drawing and acrylic painting to pure vector illustrations. Style and technique aside, he always aims to make the message of the illustration clear. In addition Jussi designs book covers for several Finnish publishers. He would gladly do more comics if he had the time! Jussi’s artwork has been awarded with e.g. Vuoden Huiput creative design award in 2006 and the Sarjakuva Finlandia comics award in 2009.
Specialty: Advertising illustration, editorial illustration, vector graphics, traditional illustration styles, information graphics, maps, book cover illustration

Path of the craft: From sketch to illustration process by Jussi Kaakinen (pdf)

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