Mirva Malmgren (new)

Mirva Malmgren is an illustrator and pattern designer with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Aalto University. Her illustrations and patterns made with acrylic paints and ink are lively, detailed and colorful in style. illustrations are often a combination of large colorful surfaces and delicate, sketch-like brushstrokes. Mirva looks for subjects and inspiration from landscapes, history, fairy tales and songs, sometimes even from her dreams. Mirva has studied pattern design as part of her textile design studies at Aalto University, and she has gained experience also by working as a pattern designer at H&M. For the past five years, Mirva has been creating Illustrations and patterns as a freelancer for Finnish companies. Her customers have been satisfied with her reliability, her use of color and the insightfulness of her illustrations. Customers include A-lehdet, Paletti and Marttaliitto. Mirva’s other passions are making ceramics and holding various craft workshops for her friends in her studio. Over the years, Mirva has also grown a large collection of patterns.

Specialty: Pattern design, plant and animal motifs, illustrations for children, editorial illustration
Instagram: @mirvamalmgren

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