Sanni Wessman

Sanni Wessman is a Helsinki-based illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated from Aalto University and studied for part of her degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York. During her career, Sanni has worked as a freelancer and a graphic designer in an advertising agency. She specializes in bold color palettes, characters with lots of personality, and creating playful atmospheres. Sanni is in her element when it comes to vector graphics and she also masters motion graphics. Sanni always has a positive and joyful attitude toward working and she is both trustworthy and punctual. Her clients include the City of Helsinki, Laine Magazine, Helsinki Design Week, Juustoportti and Helsinki City Museum.  Sanni has received awards from national (Vuoden Huiput (Best of the Year) -competition) and international competitions (ADC*E Awards) and back in 2019 she was chosen as one of the Rising Stars of 2019 in Vuoden Huiput.
Speciality: Character illustration, Animated illustration, Graphic Design, Nature themes, Vector graphics, Visual Identity Illustration, Book Illustration, Lettering

Instagram: @wessmansanni

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