Oona Mäkelä

Oona Mäkelä (1991) is a Helsinki based illustrator and a print designer. She has completed her master’s degree in graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Oona is a diverse designer who masters besides illustration, graphic design and print design. In addition she is a ceramics enthusiast and a co-founder & partner in a motion design studio. Oona’s versatile line drawings transform from vivid to delicately static expressions make her style highly recognisable. Her work consist of harmonious yet lively colours, playful & strong use of shapes and graphic elements. Oona has a passion for new artistic explorations and developing herself. She loves to take part in different projects and get to know new people – perhaps you would like to discuss your new project with her with a cup of coffee! Her clients include Nanso, Makia, Helsingin Sanomat, Vegemessut and publishing house Kustantamo S&S.
Specialty: Print design, event identities, graphical elements, moving illustration, branding, use of colour

Instagram: @oona.e.makela

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