Ossi Hiekkala

Ossi Hiekkala (b. 1975) is a professional illustrator who works in Helsinki and who graduated from the
University of Lapland with a Masters in Arts in 2003. In addition, he has studied illustration for three years in Japan. Ossi is a versatile illustrator who has created illustrations for numerous packagings, book covers and advertisements. Other strong areas include postage stamps, board games, textbooks, magazines and historical illustrations. His clientele include the largest companies in Finland from beverage company Altia to engineering and service company Kone. Ossi’s genre is realistic artwork, ranging from picturesque style to hyper-realism. In most cases, the techniques used are gouache, acrylic, pencil and digital illustration – or a cocktail of these.
Specialty: advertising illustration, packaging illustration, food illustration, character illustration, portrait
illustration, hyper-realistic illustration, realistic illustration, presentation sketching, traditional illustration styles

Path of the craft: From sketch to illustration process by Ossi Hiekkala (pdf)
Instagram: @ossihiekkalaillustration

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