Riku Ounaslehto

Riku Ounaslehto (born 1991) is an illustrator & pattern designer based in Helsinki. He has been studying graphic design in Faculty of Art and Design in University of Lapland and he is also a visual artisan. The themes in Riku’s illustrations range from humorous characters to Lapland’s nature so his detailed works are often filled with nordic plants and animals. Riku’s works are usually made with vector graphics but he also combines other tecniques and bold colours in his works to create his unique style. To counterbalance the digital world, Riku draws and paints also with traditional tools. Riku is happy to work with different projects – he can master quick & neat vectors as well as voluminous & detailed patterns. For the last couple of years Riku’s passion has been designing textile patterns – and now those patterns are conquering the world from USA, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany, South Korea, China, India and Australia! Riku Ounaslehto also makes designs to license (ask for a link to the material info@napa-agency.fi).
Specialty: graphic design, character illustration, vector illustration, children’s illustration, pattern design, plant & animal topics

Path of the craft: From sketch to illustration process by Riku Ounaslehto (pdf)

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