Satu Kettunen

Satu Kettunen is an illustrator and picturebook author living in Helsinki. She graduated with a master’s degree in art education from Aalto University in 2019, and before that, she also studied fashion design. Satu has been illustrating for a variety of customers already since 2008. She is also established and awarded in the field of children’s picture books (including Rudolf Koivu Award 2015) and illustrates books based on the stories of other writers and of her own. Satu’s signature style is characterized by a melodious, controlled color scheme and a play between the translucent and opaque. The handprint that combines drawing, painting, and occasionally a paper collage is recognizable and warm. Satu is insightful with her ideas, meticulous in her work, and it is rewarding to work with her, as many of her long-term customers on the magazine side give thanks. Over the years, Satu’s customers have included e.g. Helsingin Sanomat, Meidän perhe, Lumene, Valio and Kone Foundation.

Specialty: editorial illustration, surface design, illustrations for children, nature themes, character illustration
Instagram: @satu_kettunen  | Book Satu for a project: info(at)

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