Ville Salonen

Ville Salonen (b. 1978) is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Hämeenlinna. He has studied fine arts at Art School MAA in Helsinki and graphic design at Lahti Institute of Design (2000-2005). Ville has over 10 years of experience as a freelancer designer and illustrator and has also worked as a graphic designer for a newspaper and as an Art Director for campaigns. His illustrations emphasize light and color, as well as a strong use of line and texture. Topics range from everyday life to history and fantasy. In addition to digital illustrations, Ville’s main tools are acrylic, ink and colored pencil. As an illustrator, Ville is good at listening carefully to the client’s wishes and picking out the most important goals from them. Smooth co-operation skills are reflected in long-term customer relationships, which include e.g. Deaconess Foundation, Lidl, Oikotie, Ramboll, Sanoma Corporation and Economy and youth TAT
Specialty: Brand illustration, character illustration, strategy illustration , advertisement illustration, editorial illustration, Storyboard design, animated illustration, graphic design, infographics, traditional illustration styles

Instagram: @kaukokatse

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