Data Protection Information

The purpose of data protection is to give instructions for the good practices when processing the personal data. Personal Data Act (523/99), Section 10.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes on 25.5.2018 and is effective in European Union and all the member countries.

Napa Arts & Licensing Agency (the “Napa Agency”)
Pursimiehenkatu 13 A 3, 00150 Helsinki / info(at)

Person responsible for register issues / contact person
Maria Kozulya
Pursimiehenkatu 13 A 3, 00150 Helsinki

Register name
Napa Agency’s communication & marketing register

Purpose of processing personal information
Napa Agency handles the personal information of agency’s illustrators, clients, potential clients, stakeholders and partners. Personal data is used for project communication, marketing & public relations purposes (such as newsletters, desktop wallpapers and bulletins), as well as event-specific messages.

Information content of the register:

  • E-mail
  • Firstname & lastname
  • Company

Sources of information
Data is sourced mainly from the registered persnosn themselves when negotiating on a project over email or at the client meeting, expos and other business field events. Data may have also been collected from organisations’ websites. Registered person may have also subscribed to the newesletter themselves on Napa Agency’s website.

Register’s protection principles
Information is saved on Napa Agency’s computers.

A username and password are required for logging in to the system. Only employees involved in processing the personal information have access to the register. The employees are under an obligation of secrecy as regards the information in the register.

There is no manually processed material in the register.

Data transfer
Napa Agency doesn’t hand over data to third parties if it’s not essential for the progress of the illustration commission.

Right to inspect, prohibit delivery and correct information
The registered are entitled to check their information in the register, to demand correction of an incorrect piece of information in the register. The registered has also the right to demand to stop the registrar for processing their information.

The requests must be delivered personally by mailing to