SPR’s Week Against Racism – Ville Salonen’s illustrations for the campaign encourage you to act against racism

SPR’s (The Finnish Red Cross) Week Against Racism has kicked off and Napa’s own Ville Salonen has had the honor to illustrate for the campaign’s communciation materials! The Week Against Racism is a yearly campaign during which SPR gives a voice to those who have experienced racism to show the various forms racism takes. The theme for this year’s Week Against Racism is intervening with racism. You can familiarize yourself with the Finnish Red Cross’s anti-racism week campaign here.

The clear lines and contrasting colors of Ville’s illustrations attract the viewer’s attention and convey the message of the campaign perfectly without words. You might’ve come across these illustrations on SPR’s social media and outdoor advertisements.

“Illustrating the look of the campaign has been a great honor. During the process, we carefully reviewed the functionality and details of the illustration elements with SPR. The end result has been exceptionally well received and our cooperation with SPR has been very interesting and rewarding.” Ville comments on his newest work.

The campaign’s message about being on the side of humanity and anti-racism resonates with the entire Napa Agency. It is a great honor for us to participate in the illustration of the campaign and thus show our support for its message!

With the SPR:s Identify & Act navigator you can test how you would act in various situations where people are experiencing racism. By using the navigator, you also gain information and concrete instructions to act against racism.

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