Pug smoking a cigar on a pizza box? Why not! Marko Turunen’s package illustration for Pizza Cartel is something else!

We here at Napa Agency are huge pizza lovers! So of course, we were super excited when the new cool pizza service in Finland Pizza Cartel asked our illustrator Marko Turunen to decorate their pizza boxes! For Marko Turunen, it was one of his career highlights and a package illustration dream come true!

This Pizza Cartel’s pizza box sure has every topping and spice you can think of. It most definitely doesn’t leave you cold – and even though pizza would cool down this package design is the hottest hot!

We congratulate Marko Turunen for his package design debut: it’s bold, humoristic and the 100%  Marko-style! Overflowing pizza dough and pug smoking cigars. YES. Bring it on!!

If you know your Finnish, you can read Marko’s thoughts about the story behind the illustration and how the assignment went from pizza Cartel’s FB -page.

Also, go and get your mind blown by visiting Marko Turunen’s portfolio for more WTF-kind-of illustration works.


Marko Turunen