Do it yourself mood is back on: Napa School’s first live workshop of the autumn was a linography course!

Napa School live workshops continue again! Now we get a peek at the first workshop of the autumn – a linography workshop for the City of Helsinki workers, which was organized on the island of Lonna! Read the greetings of how the first LIVE workshop went, from our Napa School producer Marjo Maininki!

“At the end of September, we packed our bags and sailed to Lonna Island with our workshop instructor & illustrator Salla Torsti. There, a group of about twenty co-workers were waiting to learn the secrets of linography. They were super excited and had a lot of questions like “How should such an inspirational image be engraved on a lino plate? How much color is used in printing?”. The answer to many questions was that you should try and find your own handprint through it!”

“The creative work sparked a lot of discussion while working, a few even tried to buy each other’s works. There was a lot of laughter in the air and occasional coffee breaks. It easily slips in for a couple of hours,  focusing on doing your own thing and learning something new.”

Did looking at these cute creations and reading about the joy of linograph printing starta a fire of creativity inside you? WE GOT YOU!  You can get this workshop delivered to your home! Salla Torsti’s Linography Workshop is available as a remote workshop in our Napa School online store here. The remote workshop includes a right to watch the guidance video and a product package with materials. All you need is to draw, carve, press & ENJOY!

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