Get to know the traffic rules – Amazing illustrations by Jussi Kaakinen in the animations for the Finnish Safety Road Council


During the collaboration that started a couple of years ago, Napa’s magnificent Jussi Kaakinen has illustrated numerous illustrations and animations for The Finnish Safety Road Council’s “On Foot and By Bike” project, which was originally intended to explain the changes brought by the revised Road Traffic Act to pedestrians and cyclists.

The latest illustrations for the project focus on electric scootering, as according to studies conducted by The Finnish Safety Road Council, there is still room for improvement in the knowledge of the rules of scootering. This year’s campaign emphasizes that traffic rules must also be obeyed when riding an electric scooter and other road users must be taken into account.

At the beginning of the project in 2020, a richly illustrated guide was produced, which also includes Jussi’s illustrations of various traffic situations. The clear and concise guide has compiled key traffic rules for walking and cycling and is a great way to refresh your memory on traffic rules – which is especially important now that it’s summer and both cyclists and scooter users are back from hibernation and there are also more pedestrians on the streets! You can check out the guide here. Previous animations can be found on The Finnish Safety Road Act’s Youtube channel.

Great work from an awesome team!

Project team for the 2021-2022 animation:
Client: Minna Saarinen / The Finnish Safety Road Council
Illustrator: Jussi Kaakinen / Napa Agency
Account & Project Management: Maria Kozulya
Animator: Pasi Riento

AnimationIllustratorJussi Kaakinen