Mikko Saarainen’s comics for YLE about Finnish language are spot on!

Boom! Mikko Saarainen did a set of hilarious short comics for the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s YLE Learning website. These animated cartoons’ purpose is to teach practical words and phrases in ordinary Finnish life.

Mikko Saarainen Yle

You can learn a bunch of handy everyday life sayings in Finnish, Swedish and also English – and switch the comics’ language on-the-go. Genial!

Mikko Saarainen Napa Agency Yle kuvitus

Mikko illustrates the well-known situations so accurately that it is hard not to laugh – no matter if you’re a native Finn or a beginner in learning Finnish. Mikko’s humoristic style to illustrate suits the commission more than better!

See the two first parts of these comic series, “Expresslane” & “Welcome to Helsinki” here on Yle’s site: http://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2016/10/25/pakasteet-pieneen-pussiin-kielen-alkeita-sarjakuvan-avulla#1


IllustratorMikko Saarainen