We now present a wide range of Napa School workshops on our recently opened online shop! Now you can find all of our amazing workshop concepts under the same roof at Napa School page! But sorry – our workshops are available online only in Finnish for now. Napa School is a network of arts & crafts workshops, and it’s curated by us at Napa Agency.

Now you can find our wide range of workshops easily online – workshop packages fit perfectly for example events, kick-offs, festivals, parties or any other celebrations. When life returns to “normal”, it’s nice to do something fun together!

Napa School brings together a wide selections of fun workshops starting from Autumn 2020, for example about illustration, calligraphy, graffiti and makramé. Napa School’s and Gigle’s collaboration offers a chance to order an arts and crafts workshop straight to your location easily online. Easy platform is a revolutional tool for event-planning and producing, and at the same time we support the work of illustrators and artists. We are all about evolving art and spreading joy and knownledge throughout the field.

It’s now super easy to order a workshop whenever and wherever you are from our online store. What includes in the price?

The price includes the concept, all materials and supplies and a experienced & cheerful instructor! Our arts & crafts workshops fit all clients and needs, because our instructors can guide all groups from beginners to more experienced participants. Possible group sizes may vary.

Napa School, verkkokauppanäkymä

So, click-click to our webshop here! At the moment, we offer free change of date for all of our workshops, if the original timing seems inconvenient.

How to order? Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose a workshop
  2. Select date & location
  3. Select group size
  4. Order workshop and confirm payment with a credit card
  5. Order confirmation will arrive to your e-mail

Have special set-ups or something to ask? Please contact us:!

And hey! Take a peek of our workshop world on Instagram: @napaschool. Arts & culture are an endless source of inspiration and joy, especially during times like these. At the moment, we want to encourage everyone to stay home & DIY! From the highlights of our Instagram page, you can find wonderful tips to make amazing DIY art. At the same time you get to know our workshop instructors – they provided us all of the videos!

Napa School