A new Christmas season pattern for the Finnish National Opera and Ballet from Riku Ounaslehto!

Riku Ounaslehto dazzles us once again with his pattern magic! He illustrated a  beautiful, new pattern for the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, which honors the art forms and the history of this grand, national art institution. The pattern was released just in time to celebrate Christmas and to welcome the new Opera & Ballet programme for the year 2020.

Riku Ounaslehto Kansallisooppera ja -baletti. Kuosi, värillinen

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s new pattern decorates the iconic facade of the building, their website, gift ticket envelope and the renewed programme brochures & other stationary at the Oopperashop. Riku’s stylish pattern is very versatile and stays fresh and cool from the holiday season all the way to the early springtime!

The elements that truly stand out in this pattern are the twirling ballerinas with violins, champagne glasses and theatre masks. The whole pattern is finished with delicious, tasty-looking cakes, while the surrounding delicate ornaments are the cherry on top of the cake and bring rhythm to the combination.

Riku Ounaslehto Kansallisooppera ja -baletti, kuosi, esite

Riku Ounaslehto Kansallisoppera ja -baletti, kuosi väri paperikassi&kuori

Illustrator & pattern designer Riku Ounaslehto tells us more about the design process:

“The main idea behind this pattern was to present opera and ballet as equals. On the left, opera is represented by masks and opera binoculars, and on the right ballet slippers and ballerinas stand for ballet. The common ground is the premiere roses, champagne glasses, and of course musical instruments representing music.”

Riku is well-experienced in pattern design, and his patterns have been published as a part of visual identities and products both in Finland and abroad.

“A few things separate this work from my other, refined patterns. The color areas are a bit apart from each other. That creates an illusion, that the elements look as if they have been pressed with stencils, which helps to create a two-toned version without losing any of the richness of detail.”

Riku Ounaslehto: Kansallisooppera ja -baletti kuosi luumu

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet is located in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. It’s the only Finnish professional opera and ballet institution. The building hosts seven premieres per year, and Opera-Ballet reaches a nation-wide audience by visiting acts and broadcasting shows on TV. The Finnish National Opera was founded in 1911, and the Ballet in 1922. 

The pattern was created in collaboration with design collective Sivulliset.

Oopperan julkisivu, Riku Ounaslehdon kuosi

The artist Riku Ounaslehto posing in front of the pattern billboard at Finnish National Opera and Ballet building, Helsinki.

More Riku’s mesmerizing pattern magic & other work can be found from his portfolio!


Riku Ounaslehto