Samuli Siirala’s new illustration for “I love me” expo

Autumn is all about joy and well-being! “I love me” expo is back again, and it is held 20.-22.10.2017 in Messukeskus, Helsinki! Samuli Siirala’s colourful illustrations for the advertising campaign brightens up Helsinki’s street ads and public transportation. This year Samuli has created a new character alongside the previous ones.


I Love Me-messujen mieshahmo

“I love me” expo is held once a year, and the event is about style, well-being and looking after yourself. The segments are Health, Beauty, Fashion, Jewel&Watch and Naturally.

In the advertising campaign there are now six powerful and essential characters. The characters are being used in the spotlight of the campaign for third year in a row, which tells just how amazingly well they work! This years extention brings something new to the setting.

These hip, cartoon-like characters are visible both illustration and animation for example in public transportation and social media.

I Love Me-messujen mieshahmotCheck out the original characters and read more about the last year’s campaign from our blog post!

I love me -expo
Messukeskus, Helsinki
More information from Messukeskus’ website

Samuli Siirala