Napa Agency’s illustrators at the Helsinki Book Fair

Meet Napa’s illustrators as they illustrate live at the Helsinki Book Fair 2017! For the joy of the fair visitors, The Finnish Illustration Association organizes colourful nonstop-illustrating at it’s stand during the fair.

Ilja Karsikas - Instagram2017

The Finnish Illustration Association has collected a marvelous set of artists for the book fair! The visitors get to admire the artists’ live illustrating, ask questions about their interesting profession and buy their products. There will be one illustrator working at the stand at a time, and they’ll switch turns hourly. Representing Napa, we have Kati Närhi, Terhi Ekebom, Ilja Karsikas and Ilona Partanen1 Also, Napa’s Sofia Pusa will be rewarded by the Finnish Illustration Association and Messukeskus for winning the campaign illustration contest!

Terhi Ekebom - Instagram 2017Ilona Partanen - Instagram2017

From our illustrators’ Instagram accounts you can sneak a peek about their work, fair atmosphere and latest projects!

Ilja Karsikas: @iljakarsikas
Terhi Ekebom: @terhiekebom
Ilona Partanen: @kedaali
Kati Närhi: @knarhi
Sofia Pusa: @sofia.pusa
Ossi Hiekkala: @ossihiekkalaillustration

Ossi Hiekkala: Orpojen Brooklyn kansi

Many of our artists are experienced book cover illustrators. For example seen above is the latest work by Ossi Hiekkala for the Finnish translation of the book “Motherless Brooklyn”. The book will be published on the opening day of the Helsinki Book Fair, 26.10.2017 at the publisher’s stand.

Napa Agency’s illustrators at Helsinki Book Fair 2017

Thursday 26.10.2017
Opening day
17.30-18.00 Otava: Children’s books co-workers, Jenna Kunnas. Tarina-stage.

Friday 27.10.2017
13.00-13.30 Release of the Finnish Illustration Association’s Yearbook and award ceremony for the campaign illustration contest. First place Sofia Pusa!!! Minna Canth-stage. Read more about Sofia’s award-winning illustration on our site! Minna Canth-stage.

Saturday 28.10.2017
15.00-16.00 Meet an illustrator: Ilja Karsikas. Live illustrating, funny characters. Possibility to buy Amos ja Sumupuu-books and -posters. The Finnish Illustration Association’s stand 6d2.
16.00-17.00 Meet an illustrator: Kati Närhi. Live illustrating. Possibility to buy books and cards. The Finnish Illustration Association’s stand 6d2.

Sunday 29.10.2017
11.30-12.00 Otava: Children’s book Kaheli sakki ja mysteeri majatalossa, Jenna Kunnas. Tarina-stage.
15.00-16.00 Meet an illustrator: Terhi Ekebom. The sketchbook project. The Finnish Illustration Association’s stand 6d2.
16.00-17.00 Meet an illustrator: Ilona Partanen. Live illustrating for a children’s book about Kinkmoles. The Finnish Illustration Association’s stand 6d2.

The Finnish translation of “Motherless Brooklyn” (cover illustrated by Ossi Hiekkala) at Moebius’ stand 7f125.

The Helsinki Book Fair is organized every year and it is the largest event of the book industry in Finland. This year’s fair is held in Messukeskus at the same time with the Wine and Food event. The event combination gathered altogether 80 000 people to Messukeskus last year.

Helsinki Book Fair (see their site here)
Messukeskus, Helsinki

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