Nude Cider – new label designs by Sanni Wessman

As bright and bubbly as they are, sometimes Napa Agency’s illustrators are full of ideas which they can’t bottle no more. One of these kinds of foamy and lovely creative explosions did lead to collaboration between Sanni Wessman and Nude Cider! And so came these brand new, trendy and sophisticated labels:

Nude Cider is a craft cidery from Tammiluoto, located in the beautiful archipelago of Turku, Finland. Nude produces natural, modern style ciders & drinks that are low on sugar, vegan, and full of taste. It was exciting to support their re-branding and growth into a distinguishable cider brand Finland’s been waiting for.

Primarily Sanni renewed the Strong Cider’s label and next came Sauna Siideri – a little lighter product. In addition Sanni created a fun illustration palette to use in Nude’s social media and the communication channels. Great work!

Click to Sanni’s portfolio to see her other exquisite works.

Package IllustrationSanni Wessman