Valio’s milk cartons received new colorful patterns for spring – four artists from Napa Agency

We are extremely proud of our stunning illustrators, Ilona Partanen, Mikko Saarainen, Satu Kettunen and Sofia Pusa, who were starring in at Valio’s new project called ”Viljele hyvää” (Cultivate good).

In this project, Valio wanted to support Finnish designers as well as delight and encourage consumers to basic home gardening! And what could do the trick better than these colorful milk cartons, that are transformed to a base to grow herbs and seeds when the package is empty!

Mikko Saarainen – Viikakko

Illustrators form Napa Agency were very excited of the project, because  the it was completed easily and fluently with the cooperation of marketing studio, Bob the Robot. The idea of recyclable carton and trust to the artists visions were adding the enthusiasm of illustrators.

”The collaboration and the assigment were exciting. Creating a growth base from the milk carton was a great idea in my opinion, and the world cannot grow too much green.”

– Satu Kettunen

Satu Kettunen – Pieni puutarha

”Designing the cans was pleasant because creating a planting boxes for seeds is something that I usually do myself during the spring time. I hope these cartons will delight other home gardeners as well. In the perspective of an illustrator, this assignment was easy and clear. It was also nice that there was a trust for illustrators visions. This made the designing and working almost relaxing.”

– Ilona Partanen

Ilona Partanen – Kasvutarha

Ilona Partanen – Laidunkukat

Sofia Pusa – Villipuutarha

This project was indeed one of our TOP -projects of the year! Thanks belongs to our good partners and of course our talented illustrators! Go to check our illustrators portfolios from here and read more about the project from Valio’s website! (in Finnish)

Ilona PartanenMikko SaarainenSatu KettunenSofia Pusa